Submission Requirements and FAQs

ALERT: Morbid Ink accepts speculative fiction (i.e., multiple genre) stories from 1000 to 5000 words in length. By multiple genres, we focus primarily upon Dark Fantasy, Weird Fiction, Utopian and Dystopian fiction, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Decopunk, etc. Take a look at our Substack to understand our focus.

We will consider flash series--three or more flash tales built around a common theme. If you are submitting a flash series, please note that it is a series in your cover letter and at the top of the submitted text in the submission box. Each story does need to stand on its own.

IMPORTANT: if you have placed a story on your website, where it is open and available to the internet, that constitutes publication. We do accept reprints, but you must NOT be under an existing contract with a publisher on said work (usually publishers require exclusivity to your story for 6 months to a year – read your contract).


  • Please don't submit the same story to us and any other venue at the same time (we strive to provide feedback within 3 weeks).

  • Please don't send us more than one story.

  • Don't send us another until we send you a response.


For first worldwide rights and for nonexclusive reprint rights, we pay $50 per story. Since we are a startup organization, we reserve the right to pay you more money for additional reprinting in themed anthologies we will produce.

First worldwide rights (HOW IT WORKS):

Your story will be posted in our magazine which is distributed by email to our subscription list, it will then be available on the website, via RSS, eventually through other channels (the "issue" consisting of all stories published during its calendar month). Finally, the issue is archived on the website.

The nonexclusive reprint rights are anticipated to apply to the anthologies are anticipated to consist of 50-100% material originally published in Morbid Ink Magazine, plus additional materials as contracted. For these anthologies, payment will be determined if and when they occur.

Thoughts and Hints:

Of course, we want your stories to ooze originality, but a well-written story is a must. We are fond of character-driven fiction. Our goal is to publish the best stories we can that will be interesting, worthwhile reads. Forewarning: To succeed you must have something with an interesting plot, somewhat developed characters, along with correct grammar and punctuation. We don’t edit for you so give us your finished work.

We don't accept multiple or simultaneous submissions, but we promise to be as prompt as possible with our responses. Query if you haven't heard back in 3 weeks.

By the way, splurge for a free email subscription to get a feel for what Morbid Ink publishes. If your story is accepted, don’t forget to invite your friends and contacts to read your story on Morbid Ink.

man sitting on table typing on typewriter
man sitting on table typing on typewriter

First Issue of Morbid Ink is coming 2024!

Do you have a short story ready for publication?

Does it fit the criteria for Morbid Ink (weird fiction, cross-genre, etc.)? We want the stuff which creates worlds entirely different than ours with an infinite set of possibilities, new characters, and different rules which can strike at modern sensibilities.

If you're unsure about whether your work can fit, go to our substack home and review the stories there!

REQUIREMENTS: Your short stories should be no longer than 3000 words. If your story is part of serialized work, let us know when you submit. We may put serialized works into next issues.

We don’t mind if your story has been previously published online or in print (though we do need to know publication and date).

Submit your pdf file to our editor to see if we can include your work in our 2024 magazines. Click on the button below to get started