Morbid Ink is a digital magazine that showcases a collection of speculative fiction stories and original artwork.
Discover the talents of independent writers and artists, many influenced by Japanese light novels and early Western magazines.
Morbid Ink seeks new speculative fiction, illustrated web novels, and unusual cross-genre stories.

The goal of this site is a combination of an interactive online reading experience plus an online platform for creators to benefit through either anthologies of short stories or serial (episodic) chapters which build to completion. Patrons can read free stories/chapters according to their preferences. At the same time, both aspiring and established authors gain a wider audience by making their works more accessible.

Furthermore, those creators on our website will have a chance to gain further exposure (with pay) for those we select to use in our bi-monthly magazine.

Welcome to Morbid Ink

Our first magazine out on April 1, 2024.

Preview the magazine by clicking on the front page